Earthquake emergency kit

Note: After two big earthquakes hit Southern California this past summer, I helped research and make an earthquake preparedness kit for The Sacramento Bee. We filmed the video for our readers to give them an idea of what to gather themselves.

(Published on on July 6, 2019)

Local: Arts Center Cuts

Note: The following video details a funding crisis that engulfed a local arts center. I worked quickly and empathetically to interview distressed art teachers, students and board members.

Arts Center Cuts

(Published on on May 3, 2017)


Note: I was in high school when Instagram launched its video-posting feature. Because videos had to be under a minute, I, alongside a few of my peers, started a new video series called “DHS360,” where we did short profiles of students. 

First DHS360:

(Published on @bluedevilhub on April 27, 2016)

Another DHS360:

(Published on @bluedevilhub on Aug. 28, 2016)

#45for45 kickoff: Youth to weigh in on Trump’s first 100 days

Note: After President Donald Trump was elected, I got to work on a video series, “#45for45,” asking teenagers around the world to share their opinions and expectations for the new president. Below is the kickoff video which includes footage from Indonesia, South Korea and France.

(Published on on Feb. 6, 2017)

#45for45: Lebanon high school students speak out on Muslim ban

Note: With students in Saida, Lebanon, I produced this video after President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13769. Although Lebanon wasn’t on the ban list, the students in this video feared they might be next. The video was published minutes after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift a federal judge’s stay on the ban.

(Published on on Feb. 9, 2017)