Welcome to my portfolio!

I’m a student journalist from Davis, California, and a sophomore at Scripps College, in Claremont, California, studying politics. Since my start in journalism four years ago, I’ve untangled tricky aspects of school budgets for my readers, scooped professional media outlets with breaking news, carefully covered sensitive topics like sexual assault and murder, dabbled in video storytelling and most recently, investigated Philadelphia’s lack of resources to properly regulate its plethora of junkyards.

From the beginning, I’ve always been interested in stories about money — how taxpayer money is being spent, who’s deciding how to spend it and whether that money could be better spent elsewhere.

In high school, I wrote an article about lagging teacher salaries that made our district uncompetitive and created a teacher shortage. The story piqued my interest in the subject because school district funding can be complicated and confusing to people who aren’t experts in the field. So, I started a monthly column called “Eye on Your Dollar” to investigate various aspects of my school district’s budget.  That column was part of my application for Journalist Education Association’s National High School Journalist of the Year competition, which I won in 2017.

This past summer, I continued passionately reporting on school funding as an intern in The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Power and Policy department. I spent three weeks on a story about endlessly rising school taxes in Philadelphia’s suburbs that ran on the front page.

Currently, I’m a reporting intern for The Claremont Courier, the city’s weekly paper, and a managing editor for The Student Life, one of the student-run papers for The Claremont Colleges.

On this website, I’ve compiled my best work from my career thus far. Enjoy.