Sacramento runner was going to put his rare original Nikes on eBay. Then ‘Nike heaven’ called

Note: As a runner myself, I enjoyed hearing Dave’s story about the 1972 Olympics and was actually the first journalist to report on the sale of his rare shoes. The story was later picked up across the country.

(Published on SacBee.com on Aug. 14, 2019) 

‘The spirit’s still here.’ Great American Triathlon draws 900 athletes for inaugural race

Note: This event was fun and light-hearted, and I tried to convey that through quotes from my interviewees. One joked about staying upright in her canoe, while another dressed as Buzz Aldrin exclaimed that the race was an “exhausting step” for mankind.

(Published on SacBee.com on July 20, 2019) 

Teens at Sacramento detention facility learn to be top chefs — and leave class job-ready

Note: For this story, I ventured inside a youth detention facility. I chatted with students about their culinary class and got to attend an event they hosted.

(Published on SacBee.com on Aug. 14, 2019)

At East Falls salon, Muslim women relax, uncover in comfort

Note: This was one of my first articles for The Philadelphia Inquirer. I pitched the story with help from another reporter and went through several editing rounds to make it more concise and concentrated. The resulting article focuses explicitly on how this salon is a safe haven for Muslim women.

(Published on Philly.com on June 21, 2018 and in print)

School resource officer brings experience, humor to the job

Note: Most students at my school were terrified of the school resource officer, whose job is similar to a school police officer. So, I wrote this article displaying one of her least-known but best attributes — humor — hoping that my peers would see her as a helpful human rather than a threat.

(Published in the July 13, 2016 edition of The Davis Enterprise and online)